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Everything you'll need to become a Blues N' Brews Vendor

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NOTE for Vendors Selling Food:

  • You are a “Food Vendor” if you sell food intended for on-site consumption, including entrees, side dishes, beverages, ice cream, spiced nuts, chips/pretzels, candy, etc. You must have a Westford Food Permit.
  • You are a “Non-Food Vendor” if you sell pre-packaged baked goods or pre-packaged food items that are not intended for on-site consumption (e.g. bottled sauces & dips, etc.).
  • No vendor may sell food packaged in Polystyrene containers. This is a Westford requirement as of July 2017. Vendors using this type of packaging will be shut down by the Board of Health and not permitted to operate.


    • Deadline for food permits is Friday, August 4 (two weeks in advance of Blues ‘n’ Brews). Vendors are solely responsible for complying with all Board of Health requirements.  We do not give refunds to food vendors failing to get a Board of Health permit!  Westford does all permitting on-line.
    • Visit the Westford Board of Health website for details and application at: >> Public Health and Safety >> Health Department >> Food



    • Electrical hookups are available if needed ($30 fee)
    • Extra Tables and Chairs available ($30 fee per one table and 2 chairs)


    Please contact our Vendor Coordinator, Jim Pope at 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is different this year?

    Food vendors this year may not use Polystyrene packaging for any food products.

    The two biggest differences implemented last year are:

    1. You can choose your location.  You must pay to reserve the place, however.  FCFS.
    2. Instead of one price for all booths, prices vary by location.

    How do I know what locations are available?

    Check the spreadsheet on the vendor web page before completing your application. View it here.

    How do I know where the locations are?

    Check the map above.

    Are there any restrictions on types of vendors?

    Yes.  We restrict three types of vendors.  The first to pay reserve the spaces:

    1. No more than nine (9) home improvement vendors.
    2. No more than four (4) BBQ vendors.
    3. One (1) on-site pizza oven.
    4. Vendors wanting exclusive rights to products must pay double.  Check with us if you want to pursue this route.

    Do I get exclusive rights to sell my product(s)?

    No. We will consider exclusive rights in select cases, but the fees would double.

    Is there a rain date?

    No.  The show goes on rain or shine. No refunds.

    When may I set up?

    The gates open for vendors at 8:00AM both days.

    May I set up on Friday?

    Yes.  If you let us know when you will be there, you may set up late afternoon Friday.  We prefer that trucks and large trailers come in on Friday.

    May I leave my booth set up overnight on Saturday?

    Yes, at your own risk.  Most vendors do, but do not leave anything valuable.

    Do you provide security overnight on Saturday?

    No.  But, we have never had an incident in 15 years. The Nashoba Valley people are there until late Saturday night.

    When do the gates open and close?

    We open the gates at 10:30AM and close at 7:00PM on Saturday.  On Sunday, we open at 10:30AM and close at 5:00PM. 

    What do I get for my fee?

    You get the size space you pay for.  You may rent chairs and tables from us and/or pay for an electrical hook-up, but you must provide everything else.  This includes tents, display racks, tables, and signage.

    What makes me a food or non-food vendor?

    If you sell food for on-site consumption, you are a food vendor.  All others are non-food vendors, including those selling packaged food products intended to be taken from the grounds.

    Do I need a Westford Health Department Permit?

    If you sell food for on-site consumption, you need a permit. You are responsible for getting your permit.

    Westford Packaging Restrictions

    As of July 2017 in Westford, it is illegal to package foods in Styrofoam or hard plastic containers including cups and covers. This will be strictly enforced by the Westford Department of Health. Vendors using this type of packaging will closed down and not be permitted to sell food. For further information, call Arnie Price at the Westford Department of Health at 978-399-2536.

    How do I know who my competition will be?

    Check the vendor location and prices spreadsheet above. We will fill in the names of vendors who have paid.

    Can I sign up for one day only?

    Yes, but if another vendor wants your location for two days, you may be bumped.

    How do I pay?

    We will send you an invoice through PayPal.  This allows you to pay by credit card.  You may also send us a check.

    Is there anything I may NOT sell?

    You may not sell tobacco or alcohol products or bottled water. We sell bottled water as a fund raiser. It goes without saying that you may not sell anything controlled or illegal.

    Do you have space for 501-C3 non-profit organizations?

    Yes. On a space available basis, FCFS. 10×10 space only. Apply through the normal process. Sponsors of $1000 or more are entitled to a space as part of their sponsor package. The space may be used for fund raising.

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