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Everything you need to know to be a Blues N' Brews Vendor

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NOTE for Vendors Selling Food:

You are a “Food Vendor” if you sell food intended for on-site consumption, including entrees, side dishes, beverages, ice cream, spiced nuts, chips/pretzels, candy, etc. You must have a Lowell Food Permit.

Click below for information and application:

You are a “Non-Food Vendor” if you sell pre-packaged baked goods or pre-packaged food items that are not intended for on-site consumption (e.g. bottled sauces & dips, etc.).


    Deadline for food permits is Friday, July 1. Submit applications to the health department coordinator, Jim Pope, by mail or e-mail ( Vendors are solely responsible for complying with all Board of Health requirements. We do not give refunds to food vendors failing to get a Board of Health permit!


Food Trucks (anything on wheels) = $400; Food Booths (10X10) = $200; Craft Booths (10X10) = $100. (Sizes are approximate.) LOCATIONS WILL BE ASSIGNED THE MORNING OF THE FESTIVAL. ALL LOCATIONS ARE ON ARCAND DR. and are EQUALLY DESIREABLE. Not many places are available.

Electrical hookups are available if needed ($30 fee)
Extra Tables and Chairs available ($30 fee per one table and 2 chairs)


Please contact our Vendor Coordinators, Rick Leigh or Jim Pope at 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the basic procedure?

The basic steps are:
1. Submit an application.
2. Receive an invoice via PayPal.
3. Pay the invoice by credit card or check.
4. When you have paid, your name will appear on the BnB webpage.
5. No reservations until you pay. Space is limited.

What is the expected attendance?

Historically it has been in the 2800-3500 range.

How do I know what locations are available?

There are a limited number of locations: 10 food trucks (2 for BBQ), 5-6 for food booths, and 8-9 craft booths. We will assign locations the morning of the festival based on when you arrive.

How do I know where the locations are?

All vendors will be on Arcand Drive (see map image above).

Is there a rain date?

No.  The show goes on rain or shine (same as last year!). No refunds.

May I Change My Mind Later and Get a Refund?

No.   No refunds.

Do I get exclusive rights to sell my product(s)?

Because of the limited space, we will strive (but do not guarantee) to give all vendors (except two BBQ vendors) exclusive rights for your primary products. We will go by your description of your items for sale, and do not guarantee rights for all items (eg. soft drinks).

Are there any restrictions on types of vendors?

Yes. Only vendors selling physical goods or on-site services (eg. massage or fortune telling) will be allowed. No contractors soliciting sales leads will be allowed. No bottled water. No illegal substances. No alcohol.

What do I get for my fee?

You get the size space you pay for. You may rent chairs and tables from us and/or pay for an electrical hook-up, but you must provide everything else. This includes tents, display racks, tables, signage and, if applicable, extension cords. No tent stakes will be allowed, so all tents must be secured with weights.  Food trucks may submit a free ad for our program guide.

How do I pay?

We will send you an invoice through PayPal.  This allows you to pay by credit card.  You may also send us a check.

How do I know who my competition will be?

If you have given us an accurate description of what you will be selling, there should be no competition for your primary products. You may check the list of vendors on our webpage.

When may I set up?

The gates open for vendors no later than 8:00AM. Since all locations are equally desireable, they will be assigned sequentially based on when you arrive.

May I set up on Friday?

No. Arcand Drive will not be closed until Saturday.

When do the gates open and close?

We open the gates for customers at 1:00 and close at 7:00 PM on Saturday.

What makes me a food or non-food vendor?

If you sell food for on-site consumption, you are a food vendor.  All others are non-food vendors, including those selling packaged food products intended to be taken from the grounds.

Do I need a Lowell Health Department Permit?

If you sell food for on-site consumption, you need a permit. You are responsible for applying for a permit. The deadline for submitting your paperwork to the Rotary health department coordinator, is 1 August. If you are a Lowell approved food truck, you are set to go. If you are a food truck approved in another town or city, submit your paperwork from that town or city to the Rotary health department coordinator. If you are cooking in a booth, you must apply for a permit and be inspected by the Lowell Health Inspector the day of the Festival. Important: paperwork goes to the health department coordinator, not directly to the Health Department. The permit fee is included in the fee you pay to us.

Is there anything I may NOT sell?

You may not sell tobacco or alcohol products or bottled water. We sell bottled water as a fund raiser. It goes without saying that you may not sell anything controlled or illegal.

Do you have room for 501C-3 Charitable Organizations?

Yes. On a space available basis, FCFS. 10×10 space only. Apply through the normal process. Sponsors of $1000 or more are entitled to a space as part of their sponsor package. The space may be used for fund raising.

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